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Transformational Life Coaching

Are you experiencing a major life change or do you feel like you are stuck in neutral? Are you in search to find your passion or career? Do you want support with managing emotional triggers, motivation, coping skills or personal development? Erin is dedicated to supporting her clients to move past challenges and move into happiness, success, and freedom.

Erin carefully individualize the life coaching process for each client based on their experience, skills, desires and needs. Erin supports clients accomplish goals through action-oriented, results-focused methods that can assist clients with a variety of topics, including planned and unexpected transitions in life, being in the drivers seat of your emotions and creating positive change.

Erin is excited and dedicated to support her clients with:

* Reaching short term and long term goals.

* Discovering their passion or career.

* Increasing self-confidence and self-control.

* Improving mental clarity and attention.

* Finding balance within their everyday life.

* Feeling comfortable in their physical body.

* Letting go of the past and saying yes to living life.

* Living life to their fullest potential.


What Is the Difference between Life Coaching and Counseling?

Life coaching is unlike counseling in the sense that it does not focus on examining or diagnosing the past. Life coaching is focused on the present and the future, and tends to be action-oriented, sharply focused on change and results-driven. Counseling can often be insight-oriented or similarly focused on understanding the past through a process of exploration that can last anywhere from months to years. Life coaching is not an alternative to counseling but it can serve as a compliment to it, helping clients achieve goals with more hands-on support.

General Differences between Counseling and Life Coaching:

  • Counseling focuses on the past; coaching focuses on the present and future
  • Counseling focuses on understanding and insight; coaching motivation and solutions
  • Counseling focuses on developmental issues; coaching focuses on tangible goals
  • Counseling focuses on emotions; coaching focuses on critical thinking and practical tools

Erin is currently not accepting new coaching clients. She will have space for new clients by the winter of 2019.

Confidential Private Client Intake Form:

Are you currently under the care of a therapist?  Yes No

Please list any medical conditions you have.

Briefly explain what you would like to receive from your Coaching Session?

Where would you like to experience your sessions?
 The Phone Clients Home Nature Walk

What approaches motivate /demotivate you?

What can I say that will return you to action when you are stuck?

Think of someone who knows you really well- what tips would they give me as your coach?

What else would you like me to know?

What questions do you have?

Please list ideal day and times of the week that would work best for you.